Step Up Day…

A new adventure always brings on a big mix of feelings. Nerve wracking, exhilarating, exhausting, energizing, overwhelming, completely fulfilling… this is the beginning of a grand new adventure for sure. After accepting the opportunity to teach Grade 5 for the upcoming school year (Grade 5!) I was invited to participate in the school tradition of “Step Up Day”…

I was so excited to meet my almost Grade 5s, and I think they were almost as excited to meet me… I told them this great teacher truth: they will be my first Grade 5 class, and as a result they will always be my favourite!  Something about firsts makes them so very special.

Regardless of “first class status”, this group of kids has a lot that makes them pretty unique…  as part of the “getting to know each other” process I gave them each three sticky notes and three dots, and had them answer questions on big sticky chart paper around the room.  This is what they shared with me:

They were amazing! They took it very seriously, and they had fun too. Their earnest, honest answers made me even more excited about making our classroom come together, and to find ways to honour their learning processes. Just for fun I gathered their responses into word clouds, which I will post in our room before the school year begins…

Our favourite subject is:

In Grade 5 we want to learn about:

Our classroom is going to be:

These kids are going to change so much over the next 12 months. They are going to change their lives, and mine too, I’m sure. I can hardly wait to get started!

“Everyone deserves a chance. ”

“School is the way to reach your dreams.”

(Almost Grade 5 students on why school is important… they already get it; now I get the chance to help them follow their dreams.)